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maybe I'll get somewhere


I don’t think I’m alone in feeling like my lifestyle isn’t as healthy or fulfilling as it could be. I want to change my life. I want to change my habits. I have decided to quit bitching and making excuses. So I created a strategy to get my life on track. This journal will chronicle my triumphs and tribulations in regards to health, fitness and beauty.

I’m changing my diet but not ‘dieting.’ I’m making (and keeping) relevant doctor visits. I’m paying attention to my body. I’m reclaiming my commitment to “Body-Mind-Soul.”
I’m doing all those things that need to be done.

I’m partaking in a cardio program. I’m adding other cardio exercises when I can. I’m strengthening with free weights and body-resistance exercises. I’m stretching out with moves learned in ballet. I’m adding yoga to my life.
I’m going to run literally instead of figuratively.

I’m going to pay attention to routines. I’m going to make it about me and not about how others see me. I’m going to nurture inner-beauty.
I’m going to floss daily.

I’m not as afraid of making mistakes as I am of never even trying.

If you find yourself on a path similar to mine (you’re changing your lifestyle or you’re maintaining those changes) then please feel free to join me at move_me. It is a community run by me (Fran) to help motivate people who are just freakin’ ready to move on.

*My personal LJ is inimitable_fran. It is currently "friends only" but I occasionally add new people.