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Distance, Strength training, Body Weight and BMI - maybe I'll get somewhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Distance, Strength training, Body Weight and BMI [Feb. 14th, 2004|02:56 am]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

Drew kindly clocked the distance that I've been exercising this week. It comes out to 1.5mi round-trip. I figure I ran only a quarter of that distance either day. Not too bad for someone as out of shape as I am. I'm going to repeat W1 of the C25K program next week and I'll be lengthening my distance when I do. Depending on where Kat and I are at the end of next week, we may end up repeating W1 again. I don't mind because I see it as building a good base to start from. I don't want to rush through the program and end up not meeting the goals I have set or, even worse, burning out. Kat and I agreed to switch our runs to the afternoon. It is just an easier and better time for both of us to work out. She swears up and down that she's really out of shape and that we'll be on the same work out level. I have to admit I'm a bit wary simply because she is 1)much thinner and 2)hasn't been completely sedentary for 10 months the way I have. I made her promise to tell me if she wasn't comfortable with the pace of our work outs. I know that even if she drops out I will continue on. A partner will be fun and helpful on those really bad days that I need the extra incentive to go out...but she isn't necessary. I think I have enough internal motivation (especially with the great reinforcement from Drew and others online) that I'll be okay on my own if need be.

I'm going to start my strength training not this next week but the week after. I think it will be best to slowly ease that into my life instead of giving a monumental shock to my system with a new cardio program AND a strength training program starting at once. I plan on doing: forward lunges, side lunges, squats and heel raises to work my legs and bum. The leg exercises will be combined with free weights to simultaneously work my arms (I have a specific arm exercise for each leg one but don't know the names for those things). Then I'm going to do two types of sit-ups/crunches and at least one exercise to work my lower back. I'm going to start out with a small number of times per exercise but really stretch each movement out to get full resistance. I'm going to add the weights to Tuesdays and Thursdays to start off with and then probably add Saturdays after a month or so. Slow and steady is the name of the game.

A lot of people say they're working out to "lose weight." I don't know what my weight is so I couldn't really gauge the loss by numbers if I tried. Neither my mom nor I keep a scale in our homes. We both have had eating disorders (hers to the point of being admitted to the ICU) and scales are just taboo. I know that if I owned a scale I'd become obsessed with weighing myself and would lose sight of my real goal: a healthy lifestyle. There are just certain behaviors that I know will become compulsive addictions if I let them into my life and weighing is one of those behaviors. Even though I won't own a scale I'd still like to know my actual weight. I'm thinking I'll go to my dad's house (short visit) and use his scale and BMI gadget. It would be nice to be able to say I started out weighing "X" and now that I'm fit and wearing a clothes size I am comfortable with I weigh "Y". I keep trying to guess my weight. I know that I'm over weight but I know that I'm not obese. I'm 5'8" and will always have curves (and by curves, I'm not referring to pudge but the fact that I have that T&A hourglass figure). I know that I don't want to go below 135-140lbs. I wouldn't look good with any less weight on my frame unless I became a super athlete. Somewhere between a size 8-10 seems like a reasonable request and I'm not too far from a 10 as it is. But really, even though losing weight and dropping a couple dress sizes would be nice...I'm more focused on feeling healthy and just being able to RUN.

Wow. It is only 3am and I'm actually tired. A first for this week!